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Meet 2014 ESP of the Year Marguerite Jones. For decades, the Seattle special-ed para has seen schools evolve and history unfold. Video or Mobile Version

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This year's WEA Representative Assembly -- "R.A." for short -- has wrapped up with nearly 1,000 educators voting to support a statewide initiative to lower class sizes. Details

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Easily find and register for trainings to earn clock hours with the new WEA Professional Development Network.

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Weighing In ...
Big business pushing low-quality education

According to a recently released Economic Policy Institute (EPI) report on charter schools, their privatization proposals are driven, “more by financial and ideological grounds than by sound pedagogy.” The in-depth research, conducted by University of Oregon associate professor and political economist Gordon Lafer, says that backers of the kind of reforms that have been heartily adopted in cities with many low-income students such as Milwaukee, WI, include being “enamored” with the Rocketship chain of schools.

Cyber-charter educators vote to join union

A group of Pennsylvania educators who teach at a cyber-charter school voted to unionize. “Education Week” reports that the teachers of PA Cyber were bothered about their compensation when put side by side with teachers in the traditional bricks-and-mortar schools.

Having a" voice" or shaping the decision?

Read what Camas High School teacher Mark Gardner says in his "Stories from School" blog post about the difference between genuine leadership and simple implementation.

Latest Comments

413 schools win state’s highest honor

More than 400 schools are recipients of the Washington Achievement Award, which combines the state's Accountability Index and federal accountability criteria. It is the highest honor awarded by our state's education department.


'Value Added' claim creates buzz, but peer review shows it's unjustified

Two economists recently claimed that higher value-added scores for teachers lead to greater economic success for students. But an academic review shows the paper's claim is unjustified.


Small Rural Locals Conference

Members from WEA locals with 175 members or fewer are invited to a special conference designed to address their specific needs.


NEA President: 'We need a course correction on Common Core'

NEA President Dennis Van Roekel says that despite initial good hopes, it's now time for a course correction on Common Core State Standards and the way they are being adopted in states across the nation.


'Better Lessons' from your union can help with Common Core

As WEA members and their students gear up for the new Common Core State Standards, the National Education Association and BetterLesson have launched a new website that features 3,000 plus classroom-ready lessons and allows teachers and other educators to share what is working in their classrooms.

State Supreme Court say Legislature still short on McCleary school funding

The Washington Supreme Court’s latest school funding critique confirms what teachers already know -- the Legislature is falling far short of funding the quality public education students deserve, and the state is failing to make adequate progress toward the 2017-18 deadline for fully funding K-12 public schools.


Special education online courses

Registration is now open for WEA's 2014 special education online courses for members. Coursework can be accessed 24 hours a day within the course's two-week timeframe, making the education experience convenient and inexpensive.



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